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Green Machine was originally born in 2018 by founder and CEO Paul Moore to help fight his own debilitating rheumatoid arthritis, Paul has become a leading figure in the U.K. Cannabis industry, fighting for patients' access to cannabis, designing and formulating products that make a difference in people's lives. 

In late 2022 it became clear to Paul and his team that in order to fully help people and be in line with their mission, a new business was needed. A new business that would allow for them to have the freedom and the power to really focus on their mission of helping fellow sufferers of RA and other debilitating diseases by developing products that the customer is asking for. 

Not just help those in pain, but to help people avoid the development of these conditions through changes in lifestyle and approaches to health. 

In December of 2022, Paul created High Point in order to get back on track with his mission and deliver products at outstanding prices with incredible quality to give everyone access to CBD without the premium price tag.

High Point is the pinnacle of our journey. A cumulation of skill, expertise, knowledge and most of all, passion to help those in need. 

High Point's products have given Paul a new lease of life, as a 5 year sufferer of RA, to date, Paul's rheumatologist is still in shock that he's had no damage to his tendons, bones, joints or cartilage from his rheumatoid arthritis. 

Knowing first hand his products’ ability to heal and having the proof himself, he began wondering who else could benefit from the CBD treatments that had turned his life around.

High Point is an evolution of this dream, infusing high quality adaptogens and using plant medicine to enhance and improve people's lives, the introduction of these adaptogens comes after rigorous testing and research into further underutilized plant medicines with the power to heal.  

High Point was created to keep you at the peak of your performance in every aspect of your life. Born from the power of expert knowledge in the CBD world and expert knowledge across many fields including nutrition, therapeutics, neuroscience. 

We deliver industry leading products and collaborations to take each aspect of your life to a natural high point. 

Using earth grown nutrients, nootropics, mushroom extracts, CBD, natural plant extracts & ayurvedic medicines. High Point simply delivers nature's raw power directly to your body. 

Whether it’s sleep, sex, physical performance, mental wellbeing or physical healing. We have what you need to reach your peak and live life on your high point. 

Our products are designed to reduce inflammation, improve mental focus & clarity, optimize physical regeneration, increase neuroplasticity and reach optimal performance. 

It is with pride and passion we bring you, High Point. 

With love from The High Point Team.

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