What Makes Our CBD Soda-M-Good?

What Makes Our CBD Soda-M-Good?

What Are the Benefits of CBD Drinks? 

CBD drinks are a newer trend in the CBD market. Ever since their introduction in the market, they have been quite popular. 

Another reason for their growing popularity is that most consumers want a switch from conventional oils and tinctures.

If you also want to try them but are afraid of any side effects, then keep reading as we give you the scoop on our CBD Soda. 

Made with our good friends over at www.bbno.co who make some incredible beers! Including our new ones coming soon. 

What are CBD drinks?

The most common question about CBD drinks is whether they are alcoholic or not. Both types are available in the market and we make both too! The common thing between the two is that both are CBD-infused and carry the same benefits as any other CBD product.

When added to beverages, CBD is known to have positive effects. A few of them are.

  • May reduce anxiety

What better way to reduce social anxiety than having a drink? And what if your drink has CBD in it? That's definitely the cherry on top.

  • May improve sleep

If you struggle to fall asleep, particularly after a hangover, having a CBD drink right before bed can help immensely. CBD is known to help a great deal with insomnia and helps wind you down after a hard day. 

  • May help with pain management

The potential ability of CBD to relieve pain is remarkable. It does so by interacting with the brains pain centers. As a result, it releases chemicals such as serotonin and anandamide. In this regard, CBD drinks can benefit athletes and people who often suffer muscle aches.

Having a CBD drink does not mean that you have to go alcohol-free though. You can opt for alcoholic options too. (Keep your eyes peeled, coming soon) 

Flavored drinks are also a great alternative to your daily soda intake. Nevertheless, the possibilities and flavours to choose from are endless.